Submarketing: Bringing in business when you're not trying to


If you've noticed my recent blogging silence, and if you know what I've written about purposeful porpoising, you may have guessed correctly that I've been underwater again.

Freelancing while solo parenting doesn't always leave time for business development. If you've tried to do both, you know that I mean. But if you play your cards right, you can have a steady flow of work even with minimal marketing.

Call it submarketing.

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Purposeful porpoising: Working smart when you gotta work hard


A few weeks ago I repeated a tired lament to a longtime colleague: I am so busy providing the same services to the same group of clients in the same sector that it's tough to position myself to offer new services to new clients in new sectors.

"You're porpoising," she said. "You gotta stop doing that."

I'd never heard of porpoising. My colleague explained: "You disappear underwater for weeks on end working hard for your clients, and then when you come up for air, you realize you haven't generated any leads, and there's no work."

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