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Work-from-home parenting: Some dos and don'ts


Nearly fourteen years into my freelance career, I'm still wrangling with challenges rooted in bad decisions I made early on. So I hope you won't do as I did when I began working from home full-time.

On the other hand, I wouldn't still be self-employed if I hadn't done some things right—things that you should do too if you're working and parenting in the same space.

I could write a book on the perils and pleasures of work-from-home parenting. Here I will offer just a few dos and don'ts.

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Things I'd say to a young writer


Who better to advise aspiring young writers than a successful young writer? Freelance Feast welcomes guest blogger Jasmine Henry, recent college grad and content manager at Inbound Marketing Agents.

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A Life of Yes: 4 steps to blissful self-employment


Freelance Feast's first guest post is brought to you by Saya Hillman, an accidental entrepreneur and all-around superconnector. Thanks Saya!

In the immediate aftermath of being fired a few years back, it didn't feel like the best thing ever. But eight years of the most blissful self-employment later, I see that it was!

I attribute the success of my company Mac 'n Cheese Productions to living a Life of Yes.

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Wanna work in your PJs? Then be good

It happens to the best of us.

People learn how we make a living, and they think they'd like to earn money in their jammies too. So they ask us if they can pick our brains. Or they want us to refer work to them because they are really good at noticing typos on restaurant menus.

Hey, we're busy! We haven't got time for all that brain-picking! And we're not going to refer work because someone finds mistakes on menus.

But here's the thing. I made a strong start in freelancing because colleagues let me pick their brains and referred work to me.

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