Work-from-home parenting: Some dos and don'ts


Nearly fourteen years into my freelance career, I'm still wrangling with challenges rooted in bad decisions I made early on. So I hope you won't do as I did when I began working from home full-time.

On the other hand, I wouldn't still be self-employed if I hadn't done some things right—things that you should do too if you're working and parenting in the same space.

I could write a book on the perils and pleasures of work-from-home parenting. Here I will offer just a few dos and don'ts.

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Entrepreneurial small ball


My dear fellow freelancers, I want to challenge you about something.

When you are developing new directions in your business, and you need to invest a lot of nonbillable time, please be considerate to the people who are supporting you through the transition—whether they are providing financial support, doing the lion's share of the homemaking, or waiting to take vacations or enjoy other good and healthy things that cost money.

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