Blogging for business

Perpetual parenting and professional motion: Blogging decisions for busy people


In February, I scored a Twitter win. I commented on a blog post, added value to a retweet, and caught the eye of some folks who publish very smart stuff on blogging for business. They invited me to guest blog.

The topic: It really is OK to farm out blogging and social media work to a freelancer.

I still haven't written that post. I told them I couldn't carve out the time until March, but then March swept past me and was gone before I knew it.

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An SEO strategy for a place where I won't be working


Last week, with great disappointment, I withdrew myself from consideration for a social media copywriting position for a large nonprofit organization. Before that happened, I'd been scheduled for a second interview in which the supervisor wanted to talk about SEO (search engine optimization). I didn't know whether she would be most interested in my mastery of technological tools or in my overall thinking about SEO. But once the appointment was set, my wheels started turning.

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Keep the blog rolling


"I've thought about blogging, but I'm worried about keeping up with it."

It's a legitimate concern. Especially if you would have primary or sole responsibility for the blog as well as for a business and a household, as I do.

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