Welcome to the Feast

This is a healthy feast. We're not going to gorge ourselves.
We're going to share ideas about working independently in healthy ways—healthy for the mind, the body, the community, and yes, the pocketbook.
I've been freelancing since January 1999. From the time I opened that first box of pages to edit and slipped that first disk into my floppy drive, I have had an uninterrupted flow of work in the house. Uninterrupted, that is, except for one frustrating week in December 2011 when expected work from seven different clients was delayed in arriving.
It was right before Christmas—not a good time to find replacement projects. So I cleaned the house and lunched with friends, and I shared my perplexity with colleagues.
"Freelance feast or famine," my colleagues said. "You know how it is."
"No, I don't know how it is!" I told them. "This has never happened to me. For thirteen years, I've always had work in the house. I don't know what to do with myself."
One of those colleagues, my friend Amy Davis of the Writers WorkSpace, knew exactly what I should do with myself. She reminded me of the project I'd been putting off for years because I'd been so busy with work. It was time to create my website and business blog.
I'd known for a while that to land more projects in online content marketing, I needed to eat my own dog food. But I'm the new kid on the block. Plenty of people far more experienced than me are blogging about blogging, and about social media as a marketing tool for businesses and nonprofits. Besides, I'm still working on the print side, and I expect to continue to.
"There is one thing I know how to do unusually well. I know how to bring work into the house."
Amy and I looked at each other and smiled. That was it!
"And the blog will be called Freelance Feast. Because before this week I've never known the famine side of the freelancer's feast and famine."
So I teamed up with a couple of colleagues in the Northside Freelance Network (Anna Kalata and Katie Varatta—the Attagirls). We agreed to trade editing and proofreading for web development and design. And here we have the result: the Amberley Communications website and the Freelance Feast blog.
Thank you so much for joining me at the table. What are you hungry for? Do you have any fine recipes of your own to share?

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